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INSANE PAIN ( SEGA GENESIS / MEGADRIVE ) FULL NEW DEMO & MUSIC PLAY 2021 mp3 download indir – video download indir – mp4 download indir

Credits :
Publisher / Developer : Blast Process Games
Project Lead, Idea, Concept & Design,Manufacturing, Pixel Art : Mr-edit (Axel)
Programmer, Pixel Art : Oruam (Mauro)
3D Design, 3D Animation, Pixel Art : Ahrimanes (Abraham)
Composer, Music, Sound Effects, Tester : Schwefelholger (Frank)
Pixel Art : Henrique Lazaro
Soundtrack : Schwefelholger
Genre : Fighting
Demo year : 2021

This demo is courtesy by Blast Process Games. Thanks and receive our sincere congratulations for this new masterpiece fighting game. specially like the fatalities. Great !

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