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How does yours truly kick off February’s 1/12th of the “First Impressions” series? With an Universal monster movie, that’s how! To be honest, this is the most production work I’ve put into an episode since “Hail Satan?,” but I had fun making it. (Please excuse the fact that, due to the little collages I inserted into both ends of the episode, the aspect ratio of this video is all wonky and non-anamorphic widescreen.)

[Here’s a little trivia for you “Full House” fans: in the episode “Baby Love,” D.J. and Kimmy plan on watching this film, and somehow persuade Stephanie into doing so. At one point, the final scene can be seen on the Tanner family television, but instead of the proper music we hear a cue from the score to “A Christmas Story” – the one that plays when Ralphie’s trying to crack the Little Orphan Annie Secret Society message he heard on the radio. That’s right, the makers of “Full House” changed the music that plays during the ending – at least on the version I watched – to one from another movie.]
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